At GS Gordon we’re renowned in Northern Ireland for our building supplies and haulage services across the country, from our family-run business based in Lisburn.

We supply a range of buildings materials to business big and small, from large-scale contractors to individual customers doing their own DIY and home renovation projects.

We pride ourselves on our ability to source the highest quality natural products that the Northern Irish countryside has to offer and bringing them direct to you, at the best price.

One of those products is building sand – a key component in your buildings supplies armoury.

Builder’s Sand (sometimes referred to as Plasterer, Mason or Bricklayer Sand) is a finer grade sand with smaller particles, mixed with water and cement to make the mortar for laying bricks among other uses.

Our high quality building sand in Northern Ireland is sourced locally for use across your projects whether it’s mixed with cement to make concrete or used to make mortar for masonry work and plaster.

We can take payments by phone and by card and we take care of the safe transportation and delivery of your building sand.

To accommodate our customers wherever possible we offer options for Saturday morning deliveries, and will work with you as best we can to meet your short turnaround requests and unexpected or unavoidable changes.

For big projects, our tonne bag deliveries are another unique option that can help to make your build run more smoothly.

When you need the best sand, at the most efficient price, with a quality customer service approach, contact GS Gordon today.